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About Oakite

Tankers and lorries drive back and forth at the Oakite industrial estate, Industrieweg 1 in Schoonebeek, the Netherlands. One is loaded with pipes and equipment, another with an empty tank that needs to be cleaned.

After unloading, a tanker has to be cleaned. This is what Oakite does. But we do a lot more. We clean storage tanks, containers, pipes, heat exchangers et cetera.

All this cleaning work results in huge amounts of waste water and residual substances. In our purification plant, water is purified to the extent that it can be discharged into the municipal sewer system or re-used by us. Residual substances are collected in various containers, tanks and vessels. Waste products are collected and discharged per type, which makes processing and possible reuse easier. This is good for the environment and helps you save costs.


In addition to these cleaning activities, Oakite provides services for the oil and gas industry. Tubings, casings and drill pipes are cleaned, inspected and repaired in workshops specifically equipped for this purpose. Oakite also has a specific workshop for creating landing joints and cementing equipment.


We perform all these activities at our own site, which is fully equipped with liquid-resistant asphalting. All workplaces have liquid-resistant floors. Given the nature of our activities, we are committed to paying special attention to safety and protecting the environment.