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Oil and Gas Industry

We have a special workshop for drill pipes, casings and tubings from the oil and gas industry or for clogged groundwater pipes, for instance. A lance can be used to clean the interior and exterior of the pipes. Even drill pipes that have become clogged solid with cement are no match for our 2.500-bar high-pressure unit.

After cleaning, the pipes are visually checked in the adjacent inspection area. Screw threads, pipe body et cetera are inspected, lengths are measured, and inspection and tally lists are prepared by inspectors specifically trained for this by Vallourec and Tenaris.


We also perform pipe wall thickness measuring and crack investigations, and we deburr slotted or pre-drilled liners on the inside. In the latter case, the pipe cleaning lance is fitted with an air engine with grinding discs.

In the special area where items are assembled and tested, we can fit new couplings onto tubings and casings, and prepare landing joints, mud line suspensions and shoe tracks. Our torque machine, equipped with a torque-turn system, can handle pipes with a diameter from 2 to 14 inches. The area is suitable for breaking in drill pipes too. For pipes with a larger diameter not exceeding 30 inches, a tool vice is available so that we can use loose tongs and hydraulic cylinders to screw parts together.


In the test area, cement heads, circulation heads, hoses etcetera are tested under pressures of up to 1.000 bar. Pipes are plugged off with all kinds of test caps and flanges. A recorder is used to register and record the pressure values. We can also inspect these items visually and investigate if they have any cracks.