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Oakite gives high priority to quality and reliability. That is why we are in a membership with ATCN and we accredited with ISO 9001 and VCA certificat.

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ISO 9001

We are proud to be accredited with ISO 9001. We would like to give high priority to deliver quality at our clients. According to the standard is our quality policy recorded and therefore, our continue improvement proces.


Oakite set objectives to the continue raise of our customer satisfaction through delivering the needs and preferences of our clients. In addition, with ISO 9001 we recorded the controlling of our business processes.

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VCA stands for Safety, Health and Environment (VGM) Checklist Contractors and is intented to work safer and to reduce the amount of accidents. In fact, VCA is a lot more than just a checklist, it is about a way of working which is standard at our daily work.

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Member of ATCN

The ATCN stands for Association of Tankcleaning Companies in the Netherlands. In 1993 in order to increase and safeguard the quality of the Dutch tank cleaning sector the tank cleaning sector took the initiative of setting up the Association of Tank cleaning Companies Netherlands (ATCN).

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Cefic’s Safety and Quality Assessment for Sustainability (SQAS) for evaluating the safety, security, health, quality, environmental and Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) standards. SQAS assessments are carried out by an European network of accredited independent third-party assessors using a standard questionnaire. This ensures consistency and avoids duplication of assessments.