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Tank cleaning

Tanktrucks, tank containers and bulk lorries are cleaned in our tank wash by means of tank washing heads suspended through manholes at the top of the tank. Next, hot air is blown into the tank to ensure it is delivered dry.

High-pressure flushing and suction vehicles can be cleaned via the rear hatch by means of a hydraulically driven lance with a special tank washing head.

You can also turn to Oakite for products that are difficult to clean. We have a special lane where tanks undergo preliminary treatment by means of circulation cleaning. An example is the cleaning of synthetic resin with an explosion-proof and VOC-free cleaning agent.


In addition to cleaning tanktrucks, we provide various supplementary services in the field of tank transport, such as the loading and unloading of tank containers to prevent long waiting times for drivers in the event of products that are hard to clean. Heating tanks by means of steam or electricity is also possible. As any residual cargo is collected and weighed, you only pay for what you deliver.


An increasing number of shippers require tankers that have been purched with Nitrogen. Oakite has a nitrogen installation for the purpose, to rinse the tanks after they have been cleaned and to ensure that all oxygen is removed from the tank.

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Oil and Gas Industry

We have a special workshop for drill pipes, casings and tubings from the oil and gas industry or for clogged groundwater pipes, for instance. A lance can be used to clean the interior and exterior of the pipes. Even drill pipes that have become clogged solid with cement are no match for our 2,000-bar high-pressure unit.

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Mobile Storage Tanks, Vessels, Boilers and IBCs

We clean mobile storage tanks, vessels, boilers et cetera at our spraying site, using special tank washing heads, lances and high-pressure flexible jet hoses. To clean the interior of large tanks, our cleaners enter them, wearing respiratory protection gear and using other safety measures. Our employees have been specifically trained for this. You can also hand in dirty IBCs to us, and we offer them clean for reuse.

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