Tank cleaning

Tanktrucks, tank containers and bulk lorries are cleaned in our tank wash by means of tank washing heads suspended through manholes at the top of the tank. Next, hot air is blown into the tank to...

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Oil and Gas Industry

We have a special workshop for drill pipes, casings and tubings from the oil and gas industry or for clogged groundwater pipes, for instance. A lance can be used to clean the interior and exterior...

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Surface Treatment

Oakite has many years’ experience with pickling stainless steel and aluminium. We have a pickling basin of 4 x 2.5 x 1.5 metres in which materials can be fully submerged. Materials that are...

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Other cleaning

We clean mobile storage tanks, vessels, boilers et cetera at our spraying site, using special tank washing heads, lances and high-pressure flexible jet hoses. To clean the interior of large tanks,...

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Other Services

Besides these cleaning and service activities, we offer the following:

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