Den Hartogh

Den Hartogh is a permanent contractor of tanktransport for NAM and transports various liquids for NAM. We clean the tanks commissioned by Den Hartogh and NAM. Den Hartogh is an international transport company established in Rozenburg and Coevorden.


NAM (Dutch Petroleum Company) is a 50% subsidiary of Shell and a 50% subsidiary of Exxon. Shell is intermediator and supervisor inside NAM. NAM is our oldest and most reliable client, resulting in the beginning of Oakite in Schoonebeek. For many years we perform several tasks for themNAM is established in Schoonebeek.


The core business of Wintershall is the exploration and production of natural gas and crude oil as well as natural gas trading. Wintershall has establishments in Germany and The Netherlands. We mainly clean oil and mud contaminated tubing and tanklorries for them.


Oving Construction is a construction company for who we mainly do pickling activities.


TechnipFMC is a service company which provide materials and maintenance for mainly the Oil and Gas Industry. We clean valves and suchlike for them and we generate landingsjoints.


Nijhof-Wassink is specialized in bulk transport by road, rail and water since 1967. They have branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland and Hungary. We provide tankcleaning services for them.

Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes is a service company that performs especially well stimulations for oil companies. We clean many mobile storage tanks for them.

Cameron: A Schlumberger Company

Cameron is a service company which provides materials and maintenance especially for the oil and gas industry. We clean mainly landingsjoints for them.